She can control you; make you feel things that you shouldn't, overload you with emotions or completely take them away. You can't dodge or redirect it, and it's almost impossible to defend yourself against it. It's almost unbeatable.

—Lance Sawyer, to the Elders.

Empathic Manipulation is the rare and powerful ability to fully sense and manipulate the emotions of other beings.

Empathic Manipulation is highly advanced form of Empathy and Tele-Empathy, and it has proven to be both extremely strong and extremely useful.

There exist only a handful of beings that possess Empathic Manipulation and only a handful of them have been shown to have unlocked full mastery of it. To date, the only known users of this ability to have full mastery over it are Phoebe Halliwell and her daughter Prudence; they both came into this power after their original Empathic abilities grew more powerful.

Also CalledEdit

  • Ultimate Empathy
  • Emotional Control
  • Emotional Manipulation




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