Triquetra Welcome to the Blessed Wiki!
The Blessed Wiki i is the official guide to my, Cloud1734 A.K.A Eric, fanfictions based on the next generation of the Warren Line, from my other Fanfiction, Charmed ReWitched. Blessed is, of course, a Fanfiction that has many elements taken from Charmed, but I have also taken some elements from other popular television shows such as One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as many others. I don't own Charmed or any other television series' that I have mentioned. I only own unfarmiliar characters and story lines.

This being said, if you haven't ready my Fanfictions or haven't watched the mentioned shows, then I should warn you that this Wiki contains a lot of spoilers. Consider yourself warned. We are currently editing 22 articles


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